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صحة المرأة

A nutritional formula used as the only energy source Low in Triglycerides, LCTAnd high in MCT triglycerides  :IndicationsFor use in infants as the sole source of nutrition or as a supplementary feeding source for children and adultsIt is also used for those with type 1 hyperlipidemiaDisadvantages of long chain fatty acid oxidation (LCHAD)Dilated lymphatic vessels• Chylothorax and asyl ascitesDifficult absorption by fatty diarrhea• cystic fibrosisShort bowel syndromePoor absorption of fats due to liver diseaseGastrointestinal disorders..
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مكمل غذائى للخصوبهيحتوى على مضادات الاكسده واوميجا 3 ..
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Ex Tax:S.R 129
مكمل غذائى للنساء بخلاصة الصويا الغنيه بالايزوفلافونات..
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