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Avocado oil pure 100 % 118 ml now•      100% pure and natural avocado oil, a nourishing oil that contains collagen and supports amino acids and proteins with vitamins A and D.•      Indications: Dry skin that needs moisturizing and increasing elasticity, as well as to moisturize and strengthen hair.•      The clear bottles contain a UV protective material to maintain the quality of the oil.•      Pressure pressed and hexane-freeAvocado oil benefits for skin100% Pure Avocado Oil is an all-natural, nutrient-rich oil that can also be used as a vegetable edible oil. Avocado Oil is a thic..
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عباره عن حبوب الحلبه فى كبسولات وبالتالى لا تسبب الرائحه السيئه التى تسببها الحلبة العاديه فى العرق والبول تعمل على زيادة ادرار الحليب للمرضعات وتستخدم ايضا لتخفيف الالتهابات وتحسين وظائف الكلى وتخفف من الآم الدوره الشهريه وتسعد على الهضم ..
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