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Brand: Dermarays
Dermaris Sensi Cleanser Intimate Intimate Wash For Intimate Areas Anti-odor Cleanser Dermaris Sensicleanser Contains An Active Ingredient That Ensures A Sterilizing Action And Prevents The Formation Of Unpleasant Odors. The Presence Of A Zinc-based Surfactant Acts As A Purifying Agent For The Skin And Rebalances Its Ph, Helping To Restore The Skin's Natural Protective Barrier.How To Use:Wash the outside of the vagina with warm water when you shower.Mix a cap of the vaginal douche recommended by your doctor with a liter of warm water, and wash the outside of the vagina.Dry the vaginal area well after using the wash...
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Brand: Dermarays
Helps prevent fungal or bacterial infections that may affect the skin, nails or external genital mucosa. It is a useful adjuvant in cases of specific dermatological and gynecological treatments and has an anti-itching action.How to use:Apply to the body, gently cleanse and rinse. The product is also recommended for use by professional operators in healthcare facilities or for home care. It is advisable not to apply on damaged skin...
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Brand: Dermarays
DermaRays ExtraCare Shampoo 250ml DERMARAYS EXTRA CARE SHAMPOO DELICATO DermaRays ExtraCare shampoo contains a moisturizing complex transmitting a thin molecular network of natural biopolymers, in which the components, such as hyaluronic acid, tere, hyaluronic, tere, hyaluronic, teri, hyaluronic, tertiary, beneficial, hyaluronic, trellis, are dispersed. Hyaluronic and Trehalo, which are beneficial and Hyaluronic and Trehalose and Eucerin, which are beneficial to the scalp physiological.The presence of a surfactant based on it acts as a purifying and rebalancing agent for the skin, helping to restore the skin's natural protective barrier...
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Brand: Dermarays
Dermarays Melanyn Act is a cosmetical treatment containing Spotless Brightening Complex, a functional complex that inhibits melanogenesis and uniforms skin color in cases of skin spots.Protective and whiteningpH re balancingdermatologically tested,For all skin typesFree of: Parabens , Isothiazolinones , Sles , Oil Derivates , Silicones , ColorantsHow to use :Apply on the skin and massage gently until completely absorbed..
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Brand: Dermarays
Dermary's Silver Body Wash 250 mlDermaRays + sulfur contains MSM, which ensures a sterilizing action and is as an addition to trauma treatments inScabies or lice patients.The surfactant containing the clarifier acts as a skin purifier and rebalances.pH rebalancingNo rinsing if dilutedShock therapy purificationExamined by dermatologistsFor all skin typeshow to use:Apply directly to the body and hair, massaging gently.Leave it on at eight and then rinse it off. The product is also recommended for sanitary sanitation rates in health facilities.It is not recommended to visit it on damaged skin...
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Brand: Dermarays
DERMARAYS VELVET MOISTURIZING FLUID BODY CREAM DermaRays Velvet Moisturizing Body Cream is an emollient and moisturizing cream: it contains a moisturizing complex with a time-controlled release. DermaRays + Velvet Moisturizing Fluid Body Cream can also be used as a no-rinse micro-cleanser: thanks to its formula, it allows to remove all impurities very delicately...
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