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Brand: BAYER
Primolut N tablet is a steroidal medicine containing norethisterone as its ac. It is a synthetic form of a female sex hormone, progesterone...
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Brand: BAYER
It helps the skin to grow and regenerate from the inside out and creates a thin oily layer on the outside of the skin, which prevents diaper rash.It is also used for breast care during breastfeeding and for sore nipplesAnd to treat and prevent infections and cracks of the skin..
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Brand: BAYER
Moisturizing skin cream is used in the care of healthy, stressed skin by moisturizing rough areas of the skin (such as hands, elbows and feet). The cream also has a cooling and calming effect in cases of redness and after direct exposure to the sun and takes care of dry skinIt can also be used during pregnancy and lactationApply once or several times a day, as needed..
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