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Tynor Lumbo Sacral Lumbar Belt - A05

Tynor Lumbo Sacral Lumbar Belt - A05

Tenor corset for the back with back support

Belt for tightening and slimming the waist and abdomen is made of high-quality materials and features a soft lining to be gentle on the skin and help absorb sweat. You can wear the belt while performing exercises in the gym or when jogging outside. The belt tightens the waist, abdomen and back area and helps in increasing Sweating to get rid of fat and harmful substances in the body through sweat and at the same time provides support for the muscles of the waist and abdomen

Features of the Tynor Lumbo belt

Perfect for exercise

Increases the process of losing weight by tightening the muscles and increasing the process of sweating

Features flexible rubber materials for easy movement

Easy to use locks

Flexible supports with internal card

Perfect for a slim waist

It does not have any harmful effect on the joints of the legs, making it ideal for all ages

Elegant, compact design and easy to store

Provides optimal back support for general use in mild back pain

Flexible back splints take the shape of the body for comfortable fixation

Highly breathable elastic strap improves breathability and enhances user comfort

The double pull mechanism ensures strong fixation and installation

The large hook-loop plate allows for pressure control and flexibility in sizing

Easy to apply and remove, daily use, lightweight, durable and long functional life

Back support, compression and elastic splinting

Tynor - A05 Lumbo Belt Price

Tynor Lumbo Belt - A05 is available at premium Al-Jawaheer pharmacies at a price of 148 SAR

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