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Gold Collagen Forte 10 bottles * 50ml

Gold Collagen Forte 10 bottles * 50ml
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Bottle 50 ml contains pure collagen sufficient for the daily needs of vitamins and minerals as it raises the body's immunity and increases its energy that does not contain sugars, artificial preservatives, alcohols or genetically modified compounds

 About Gold Collagen Fort

First: It is considered the official drink for all Hollywood celebrities and the world and the main reason is that it prevents the appearance of signs of aging on the skin and face in addition to that it raises the energy efficiency of the body and very significantly removes joint pain from the first and second degree because it re-erodes the cartilage that occurs at any age of forty years

Second: It prevents hair loss and regrowth not only with intensity, but sells the nature of hair

 Third: Revitalizes the nails

 Fourth: the feeling of improved hair and nails will be during the first month

 Fifth: feeling of joint pain from the fourth month of use

 Sixth: Collagen accounts for 30% of the need of all body parts, so as collagen is less and there is no compensation for it, it loses the ability of body organs to carry out its vital functions, and here aging and body fatigue begin inside

 Seventh: It tightens the skin of the face from the first month, and this helps to brighten the face

 Eighth: It represents 30% ؜ of bone formation and a deficiency to help the emergence of fragility at an early age, and this is why it is advised at an early age so that we do not experience this type of disease.

  Finally how to use

In the case of age less than 40 years and without any apparent problems, it is preferred to use for two consecutive months, then a month's rest, then two months, then a month's rest, and so on.

 Either in the case of age over 40

 It has to be continued for 4 months to rebalance the body and its need, then a month's rest, then two months, then a month's rest and so on

 Daily dose

 Drink one bottle before breakfas

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