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Amara View Face Mask Large Size

Amara View Face Mask Large Size

Full face respirator view mask, produced by Philips Respironics, the mask is designed using modern view technology, which provides maximum comfort and good sealing of the mask on the face.

The respiratory mask, which is the smallest, and lightest of the full-face masks, this light weight helps the user more adaptable faster and easier.

How to use the Emara View Ventilator Mask for the full face

First loosen the hood clips on both sides of the face of the catcher by twisting them up.

Then press the white button on the holder and open the forehead septum.

Wear the mask well so that the rubber pad of the mask is comfortable and make sure that your mouth is slightly open, the bottom of the mask should be slightly above the chin.

Tighten the hood clips again and attach and adjust the lower side straps so that the most difficult part just passes under them and the upper side straps so that the forehead pillow is touching the forehead without any pressure.

Press the white button again and close the forehead septum, creating a complete seal of the mask on the face to prevent leakage.

Plug the device in and make sure there are no leaks.

Features of Amara View Full Face Respirator Mask

The full face respirator mask provides the possibility of using traditional silicone or View technology, both of which provide good sealing and comfort for the face and nose.

The catcher has exhalation outlets that draw the air away from the person sleeping next to you.

The white slide button helps you to adjust the depth of the mask on the face well to get the best amount of comfort with the best closure and tightness to prevent any air leakage.

Composed of a combination of lightweight components, the mask is more comfortable than all full-face respirators.


The price of the respirator mask Emirate View

You can get the mask from the distinguished Al-Jawaher Pharmacy, at a price of 1,200.00 riyals.

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