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A MULTI-CORRECTING SERUM CONCENTRATED IN NCEF FOR A BOOSTED ACTION AND RENEWED SKIN QUALITYThe polyrevitalising serum inspired by meso-injections.INTENSIVE SKIN QUALITY RENEWAL [ACTIVATED REGENERATION]: Formula incorporating NCEF, a unique polyrevitalizing complex developed by Laboratoires FILORGA with 50 ingredients incorporated for the first time in concentrations comparable to those used in a meso-injection(1)Over-active correction [wrinkles - firmness - radiance]: The power of Retinol combined with Vitamin C + plant DNA complex for visibly rejuvenated skin.Result: smoother, firmer, plumper and more radiant skin.Apply daily, in the morning and/or evening, before your day cream and/or nigh..
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increase skin radiance and treatment of wrinkleA vitamin C serum at 8%, to give a real radiance and antioxidant treatment course to fight skin fatigue, pigmentation. Helps restore its vitality and natural radiance. Suitable for all skin types..
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the first anti-ageing cleanser that dissolves the slightest traces of sebum, make-up and pollution while intensely hydrating the skin and protecting it from free radicals .dampening the skin before apply 2 to 3 pumps of the cleansing mousse. Massage the mousse into the skin then rinse off with clean water and dry ...
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REMOVES MAKE-UP – REVITALIZES – FORTIFIES LASHESTwo-phase make-up remover enriched with an oleo-clean complex to instantly remove all eye make-up, even waterproof.Fortifying serum phase contains a stimulating peptide and a protein booster, to visibly reduce signs of fatigue in the eye area and fortify lashes.Use morning and/or evening with a cotton pad. Shake well before use. Do not rinse..
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A DUAL-ACTION EXFOLIATING MASK TO REOXYGENATE AND REVEAL NEW SKIN New-skin revealing scrub Massage gently on a clean face: perlite spheres gently exfoliate the skin while a proteolitic enzyme boosts skin desquamation for an intensive new-skin effect. Pro-youth bubbling mask When the scrub is completed, leave on the texture transforms into an active mousse. Micro-bubbles of oxygen are released to enable suffocated skin to breathe. When the bubbles have disappeared, it is time to rinse off.HOW TO USE : Massage gently on a clean face when the scrub is completed, leave on the texture transforms into an active mousse Micro-bubbles of oxygen are released to enable suffocated skin to..
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SKIN ABSOLUTE DAY IS GLOBAL ANTI AGING FOR MANAGEMENT OF WRINKLES/FIRMING/DARK SPOTS/RADIANCE transform UV and infrared rays we are exposed to every day, into energy.They boost all of the cellular functions slowed down by the ageing process,stimulates the mechanisms which restore DNA to repair the harmful effects of ageing and stop the skin’s ageing process at its source.Apply a suitable amount on the face and neck. 2 TIMES /DAY..
S.R 909
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SKIN ABSOLUTE NIGHT IS GLOBAL ANTI AGING FOR MANAGEMENT OF WRINKLES/FIRMING/DARK SPOTS/RADIANCEtreatment of wrinkels,skin firming,dark spots correction and increase radiance1 TIME BFORE SLEEPING..
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eye treatment that helps to regenerate and smooth out lines around the eyes, while erasing dark circles and strenghtening the eyelashes .Eyelids and lashes get a lifting treatment with a complex that combats the sagging of the upper eyelids. In parallel, a matrikine boosts the volume of lashes. Under-eye hollows and dark circles are cured by the latest-generation plumping spheres fill up hollow areasREDUCE WRINKLES AND DARK CIRCLES-LIFT UP EYELIDS AND BOOST LASHESTake an amount of the Filorga Time-Filler Eyes treatment and gently tap into the eye contours until fully absorbed, taking care not to forget the upper eyelid and the root of the lashes...
S.R 437
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sun care product places all skin types under high protection and effectively fights against the skin's photo-induced ageing and photo-induced hyperpigmentation. To counteract the harmful effects of the sun during sun exposure and as daily UV protection .Have also Anti-spot action..
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hydrate skin and treat wrinkels and prevent its recurrenta pro-youth boosting moisturizer containing a high concentration of extra-pure hyaluronic acid for deep skin rehydration and a micro-filling effect on dehydration lines for a plump, healthy look . Instant comfort feeling for dry and dehydrated skin types .Stimulates the collagen production to increase the formation of healthy radiant skin  .A perfect base for makeup..
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Anti-Wrinkle Lightening Mask is a weekly soothing and rejuvenating treatment for fatigued, stressed and dull skins.enriched with ingredients that have  a soothing and anti-inflammatory agent that helps to strenghten the skin and calm down irritation...
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احصلى على اوبتم ايز مجانا سائل مغذي للرموش و الحواجب. تركيبة مزدوجة للعناية بالبشرة مع عمل مزدوج لتعزيز وإعادة هيكلة العينين...
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